YIN YOGA - plus Deep Relaxation.

12 - 1pm All Levels (including complete beginners). ​


Class Description: This class gives your body and mind an opportunity to completely unwind - coming away from your week and feeling stress and tension literally melt away. Yin yoga targets your deep connective tissues, like your fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. A Yin practice is slow-paced and more meditative, giving you space to turn inward and tune into both your mind and the physical sensations of your body. Poses are held for a longer period of time than you would in other traditional types of yoga, helping you stretch and lengthen tissues and release deep layers of muscular tension, whilst also teaching you how to breathe through discomfort and sit with your thoughts. The practice will conclude with a guided 15-minute DEEP RELAXATION, using autosuggestion ~ bliss!


Instructions to access your class:

1. Download Zoom for free onto your computer, tablet or phone and register for a basic account. 2. Create space for you to practice in - A yoga mat is required. I recommend having a block, belt, blanket and pillow (but don't worry if you don't have props at home). 3. You will be sent an email (to the email address registared with PayPal) with the class access link, approximately 30 minutes before your lesson starts. 4. 10 minutes before the class is due to start, follow that link to active Zoom.


Additional useful information.

5. You can keep your camera on or off :) 6. You might want to 'pin' the video of Susan (as the teacher) to the large screen once we start the class. Here's how to do this 7. Turn your audio on so you can hear Susan. 8. Please mute yourself once the class starts. Unmute if you wish to ask a question and at the end of your lesson. 9. Music isn't compatible with Zoom. If you have trouble hearing Susan's music, feel free to use your own playlist on another device in the background.


Enjoy your class! :)