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Hi, I'm Susan - a fully qualified YOGA teacher, PRE and POSTNATAL PREGNANCY YOGA teacher, CHILDREN’S YOGA teacher, DANCE teacher and BODY CONDITIONING coach.


My journey and how yoga healed me…


My curiosity of the human body began when I started dancing at the age of three and then later did extensive training in Karate. My love of movement inspired me to train as a dancer at the London Studio Centre, graduating with a BA (Hons), which included studies in anatomy, physiology and body conditioning. Unfortunately, just as I began to dawn into the professional world, I injured my hip and leg (diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis and sciatic nerve pain).  I was unable to lift my leg more than 90 degrees and had to almost stop dancing for two years!  My dancing career was over before I had even started.  I tried all types of rehabilitation and this is when yoga came into my life, thank goodness! Yoga helped me to release tension, get back my strength and flexibility, eased my pain, built my confidence and allowed me to ‘let go’ and not be so anxious about the future… and the rest is history.  I got back into the dancing world and I had the fantastic opportunity to combine my passion for travel with work, travelling the world and working for many years as a professional dancer.


I loved my career, but it had put a lot of strain on my body, so I decided I had to start taking better care of myself and embarked on my next adventure to Auburn, California.  I lived in an ashram and immersed myself into my yoga teacher training, which was life changing! I was accredited by the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). 


Back in London, I furthered my knowledge training as a children's yoga teacher.

I then trained as a prenatal and postnatal pregnancy yoga teacher, with Katy Appleton at appleyoga. Accredited by the Yoga Alliance - RPYT


My main style of teaching is a mix of Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga, which I fuse with elements of my dance training to accommodate the personal needs of my students.


What I truly adore about yoga is that it does not just work on the physical, but also the mental and spiritual.  It works deeply on strengthening the mind, allowing it to become totally relaxed, clear, focused and calm.  It can help by getting rid of the clutter that can fill our heads and allows the mind to be free – BLISS!


I enjoy competing in other sporting events such as 10K runs, Survival Of The Fittest and Tough Mudder. My Yoga practice is an integral component of my training - Keeping me strong, agile, determined and injury free!


                                                                                                    ~ Susan Conway













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